familyplus baby is an offer for young families with children from birth up to 1 year.

Our baby program

We accompany you and your baby during the first years of life; this could even be possible in your mother tongue.

From birth up to 3 months, a children's nurse will visit you once a week for 45 minutes. She will give you answers regarding your questions about care and nutrition.

For example:

    • How much milk does my baby need?
    • When does my baby start sleeping through the night?
    • How do I bathe my baby?
    • When does the baby have to go to see the doctor?

    From the age of four months, a familyplus employee will visit you once a week for 45 minutes. She will bring toys and ideas to support a good development for your baby.


    For example: 

    • Movement games
    • First songs and books
    • Rhymes and finger plays
    • Join-in games

    Group meetings

    All participating families meet regularly at group meetings. Here you can meet other parents and talk to each other. You will also get information on topics such as:


    • Your baby's development

    • The transition from milk to porridge

    • Sleep

    • Health


    You may keep all of the toys and care products.


    The offer is free of charge.


    Kleve: Katrin Heyl, Tel: 01511/4783186,

               Lisa Bartholemy, Tel: 0163/ 9041505,

    Emmerich: Patricia Wiesner, Tel: 0151/72712646,

    Goch und Weeze: Judith Bettray, Tel: 01515/1785097

    Kalkar: Lis Tenelsen,Tel: 0160/3474200,